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Sifting & Winnowing Submission Guidelines

Sifting and Winnowing is currently accepting submissions. We are looking for pieces that are relevant to topics in policy, law and politics.

 We accept submissions that were written as an undergraduate, meaning authors who wrote a senior thesis or other paper last year and are no longer enrolled as an undergraduate can still submit.

We give exceptional undergraduates the opportunity to experience the peer-review and editing process of academic journals. Submissions are welcome from students of all majors!

Review Process

Authors should expect to be updated once a month regarding the status of their piece. Each submission is reviewed by at least 3 editors, but due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to complete the entire editorial process for every submission. However, authors of exceptional pieces that make it through each editing phase are expected to review edits and make changes in a timely manner.

We welcome any questions about the above requirements and ask that submitting authors be receptive to feedback and constructive criticism. Please consider sharing this with any and all potentially interested parties.

Submission Details

We will accept pieces between 8 and 30 pages. Longer papers will be accepted on the assumption that they will be shortened to meet this requirement. All submissions must follow Chicago style citations with endnotes and works cited.


In order to be considered for review, all submissions must follow the Chicago Style citations with references cited in endnotes (not footnotes), as well as a works cited section. Please reference the linked editions above or contact us with questions.

Submitting your work

Submit pieces as a Microsoft Word document to All submissions are reviewed anonymously, so do not include any personal information anywhere within your submission. Instead, include a cover page that includes:

  1. Your name and the names of any other contributors
  2. Title of piece
  3. Abstract of 100-250 words
  4. Email Address
  5. Graduation date


Thank you for your interest,

Sifting and Winnowing Staff